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we offer a wide range of options from many different insurance carriers from you to chose from. If you are looking for an insurance policy you have come to the right place. Our main focus is helping you find the right medicare plan at no cost to you.
we specialize in helping seniors save money and get more benefits.

About Herb Vinegar

For over 5 decades, I’ve made a career out of helping people. Whether it was helping people as a Licensed Optician for 18 years or helping folks find their dream home as a Realtor, my personal mission has always been the same—to help others.

I’ve continued this mission as an Independent Health Insurance agent because I know firsthand how daunting and confusing Medicare benefit plans can be. I want to educate other seniors about the various Medicare plans and assist them in making the choice that’s right for them.

My goal is to make selecting an insurance plan a simple and painless process. I educate seniors on various plans without costing them a dime for my services.  

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